Video Production


We are storytellers.  Addrenaline helps our clients use video to market their business’ and improve their visibility with a style and finesse that is second-to-none.  The marketplace is crowded and attention spans are shrinking by the day, we will help you reach your audience with a video that gets to the point and presents your brand in a style that speaks to your audience.

We are YouTube partners and have been using YouTube pre-roll advertising to target our clients’ customer base and garner thousands of views for our work.  Videos we’ve produced have appeared on television and as pre-show advertising in local movie theatres. 

We have experience capturing trade shows and live events and recapping experiences with creative videos.  We help business owners appear comfortable on camera by assisting with scripting and on-camera coaching – this is a key to your video’s success and we want you to look and sound great.

Anyone with a phone can record a video.  It takes years of experience with lighting, lenses, shot selection and location scouting to arrive at a video that is the envy of your competitors and will actually drive your business goals.  Recognizing that video is a key part of a successful marketing strategy is important, but simply posting a video that doesn’t integrate with the strategy or have production values that enhance your brand can do more harm than good.

We are master Adobe After Effects animators and can design title sequences and on-screen graphics that help elevate the impact of the final product.

In Action


    we’ll help you feel comfortable and look great

    Live Events

    we can do a 3-camera live stream to audiences in the 1000s

    Site tours

    3D virtual tours or walk-throughs

    Drone Capture

    Sometimes a bird’s eye view is the impact you need


    tell your brand story without appearing on camera at all

    Training Videos

    employees learn online in a contactless setting

    a few samples of our work

    Can-Ross Environmental

    Menasha Packaging

    Berkshire Hathaway

    Flow Water IPO

    Gary Waters

    LG Velvet

    Berkshire Hathaway

    Ontario Public Health

    Cameron’s Brewing

    Studio 49

    Elevate Festival Intro

    Dialogue Ep 1


    ABC News

    Bestway Concrete

    Flow Water

    Air Drake

    Oakville Parent Child Centre

    Vimeo Interview


    Move The Dial Summit

    MTD Connected

    Chatham Kent

    Jodi Kovitz Reel

    Lil Vape

    Décor & More