Website Security

Remember when SONY was hacked? Like many large corporations would be, they were embarrassed and had some things exposed they wanted to keep hidden. Of course, there are far more important things that can be exposed by a hack than a few movies that haven’t been released yet. But the lost revenue and the chaos such an attack creates is sometimes worse than the actual data that gets mined.

It isn’t just the big fish who are targets…

Yes, your hilarious cat blog is likely safe from a breach, but any business (big or small) can be targeted and the reason why doesn’t always make sense in terms of traditional crime or motives. Your site may not have any financial records or personal info, or even have ‘enemies’ like competitors or disgruntled former employees… but many hacks do not try to earn money from your site, or trick others into buying something or infect a visitors computer - they may just be ‘for fun’ or proof that the hacker has the chops to sneak past your weak passwords or moderately strong firewall.

The actual code that gets inserted may not even be that malicious/damaging (though of course it is always inconvenient) and in fact, some sites can been hacked and nobody even notices for weeks.

So, what should you do about it?

Which sites are targeted can be a bit random sometimes but that’s all the more reason to maintain proper security protocols, strong passwords and ensure your web host keeps back-ups of your site.

Additionally, you need to update your CMS (Content management System) as old versions are easy targets for anyone with even a basic understanding of how to let themselves in uninvited.

You can check out the article in PC Mag about the SONY hack, here - but keep in mind your site can be a target even if it seems to have nothing “valuable”.

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