Websites, Branding and Positioning

Web design in Toronto is often catalyst for web design in smaller Canadian markets. Much like major cities in any country, Toronto tends to lead rather than follow when compared to the rest of Canada's web design community. While taking cues from other, larger cities and their trends (New York/London) web design firms in Toronto still approach website functionality and style from a Canadian perspective.

What is the 'Canadian perspective' on web design?

Maybe Canadians have a reputation for being calm, polite (never boring, of course) and reflect that in the way we market to ourselves. One can compare the advertising award-winners from various nations and see certain differences in the way they choose to get attention. While Canada has a diverse mix of people, our marketing tends to be fairly straight-forward and practical.

Design and writing are subjective, and members of your target market fall somewhere on the continuum between (what they've decided is) too much or too little of images/text/white space/call-outs/animation/etc.

Is it too busy or just packed with excitement and creativity? Too boring or just tasteful, streamlined?
The answer is usually "yes".

Smart brands know their 'position' in the market and design and write with that in mind, so how much or how little content they fit into a web page (or how many options are offered in a promotion, for example) should fit well with who they are and more importantly, how they are perceived to be.

Web design in Toronto is at its best when the client knows who they are and the web design firm understand how best to ‘speak with the client’s voice’ when designing and developing their site and any other promotions. Sometimes that can be advice about having fewer, but more compelling prizes in a contest – or even reducing page content so visitors can get information easily and come away with a good sense of the company, and ultimately why they should do business with them.

When it comes to the best web design practices, the right attitude is important.

Decisions about everything from coding to colours flow from the understanding a web design agency has about their client and their client’s goals. Skipping over that with their own portfolio in mind, or even worse, with ‘just getting paid’ in mind can lead to hollow, useless design and both the client and the web designer suffer. At Addrenaline Media we work hard to learn about our clients, what their goals are and how best to achieve those goals in creative yet cost-effective ways.

Websites are not enough without branding and positioning

Toronto is a unique city and it is home to a wide variety of business, social and cultural organizations. Understanding the nuances of our clients and how best to reach their goals is a skill we've honed and developed over years, from both our experience helping so many different businesses succeed and from our open-minded approach to Toronto web design and marketing.

Websites and SEO and Everything in between

Addrenaline Media knows that great web design isn't enough. Your brand and positioning need to make sense to your target market and stand out in a crowded and very competitive online world. We act almost like a division of your company, a fully-functional self-contained department able to market your business efficiently and effectively without breaking your budget.

Whether you need a website 'facelift' or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or press releases, logo design or something else, Addrenaline Media can hit the ground running and turn your marketing problems into solutions.

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