Responsive Design

Technology is always evolving. The advantage: your life is increasingly easier. The potential drawback: you have to keep up and make everyone else’s lives easier, too. Mobile devices have transformed the customer experience, and depending on your business approach, the experience can improve or completely flop.

A smart approach is updating your website by using responsive design. Responsive design displays the same content in the same format regardless of the device: desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. It provides a smooth and consistent experience for users, especially when alternating between different technologies.

But is it worth spending the money and time? Actually, it might save you both. A site that uses responsive design only needs to be built once. This eliminates the three or four different versions you’d typically need to develop. The need for a web, tablet or mobile ‘version’ is obsolete.

A recent Google survey shows smartphone owners want the ability to take action on a website: Read it here. Not surprisingly, users want information readily available within one or two clicks and in a clean, efficient format. They want the entire website experience: sending emails, downloading applications and using “click to call” the business – all on the same URL.

Not convinced? Poorly structured websites can place your brand at risk. According to a Google survey, 55 per cent of the 1,000 participants said a frustrating experience on a mobile website would hurt the perception of the brand. It also pushes users to ‘give up’ and move on to the next site, likely your competitor’s.

If clients can access your information anywhere, they will naturally become more engaged. It will create a connection between the user and your business and he or she will continue to use your services. Why? Because it was simple, it was fast, and it was trouble-free.

Take a few moments to evaluate your company’s website. It's simple to determine if it needs revamping - read the 10 tell-tale signs that your website may need a redesign. Yes, keeping pace with technology is a never-ending battle - but if your site is unresponsive, chances are your clients will be too.

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