Flat Web Design vs 3D Web Design

Toronto web design is not immune from trends, and while the technology involved and how it's used seems to change from one minute to the next, the style of websites can often wallow stagnantly, passing the time as their layout collects dust. With flat design, website layouts and styles seem to be going in the opposite direction of movies/TV by ditching 3D and taking a simple and clean step backwards.

Flat Design: A Definition

Web design in the flat style uses no shadows, gradients or other effects to imply 3-dimensional space. This is currently characterized by lots of solid colour and simple, but nicely chosen font styles. That's really it. Of course, there is a wide range in the look and feel of flat website design examples, but they would share the same core principles of design.

Here are a few examples of some of our flat design projects:




3D Design: A Definition

Just about every website you've seen in the last few years. Okay, perhaps that is over simplifying, but almost every major brand and smaller ones too have been using this style. Why? It's not bad. Not bad at all, in fact. It can be a great way to showcase products in the middle of text and over other design elements on your site... but it can get to be a bit busy and it seems too few web designers use a 'less is more' approach.

Here are a few examples of some of our 3D design projects:




So, what should you do?

You and your web design team should always do what makes sense for your brand. Yes, you can make best use of trends and smart design ideas, but the goal should be your audience and their user experience, not being the first to jump on to the next big design trend, however many dimensions it has.

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