Case Study: CIBC iPad App

Working with a larger client is always a thrill for us. CIBC is one of the largest banks in Canada and they came to Toronto web design firm Addrenaline Media seeking a web-based tool they could use on-site at their public events to capture leads from event attendees.

The Problem

CIBC needed a way to capture data in a way that engaged customers and was quick, easy and accurate. Trying to get people to pick up a pen and paper and actually provide information can be challenging and yield poor results in terms of energy spent collecting and reviewing the data and the experience of busy attendees who just don’t have the time. With mobile phones so prevalent and the rapid and online ways people now connect, CIBC needed something that made more sense in terms of time, energy and efficacy.

The Solution

Addrenaline Media designed and built a web-based iPad application that doubled as a contest-entry opt-in and an attendee information capture tool. Our goal was to keep the application simple and ensure no data was stored locally on the iPads. Simplicity was key to the interface so the app featured only 5 screens, each with simple 'next' and 'back' buttons which walked the user through the application. All data was securely transferred to an off-site server and security measures included quick session time-outs and double password logins for both the application itself and the administration database.

The Results

The first event went off without a hitch and the application was being used for 6 more events throughout that summer. Addrenaline has been asked to build the administrative 'backend' out even further so CIBC's in-house team can change the event logo, name and details of the contest, and other portions of the application themselves.

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